Pandemic Profiteers: Hackers Take Advantage of Panic

photo by Michael Geiger on Unsplash

It was expected that at a moment of global panic and tragedy the criminals would be out in full force. It hasn’t taken long for the hackers to find suitable hooks.

With better front ends, better tactics, better looking facades than ever, hackers are imitating legitimate well-known businesses that are known to be affected and/or known to have customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and getting people to click on bogus links placed inside highly realistic-looking emails

Photo by howling red on Unsplash

Beware the Fox

Beware of fake #Ryanair emails claiming to be a message from the Group CEO asking you to click in order to read his message. Beware of warning messages coming to one of your email platforms from another mail hosting company, for instance, a message allegedly from #Google coming to your #Yahoo or #Hotmail account claiming knowledge that someone has illegally used your Yahoo/Hotmail account recently. As all powerful as Google is, they are not monitoring breaches to your other mail accounts and wouldn’t send you that warning on another platform.

There will be new tricks and more efforts every day. Health fraud will run rampant. Fake cures, faux masks, fake disinfectants, fraudulent claims to deliver goods to your home or to pay your bills for you, loan scams, unemployment benefits scams, fake emergency alerts concerning a family member asking for money to help them, etc.

Try to imagine the most inhumane, crass, repulsive con or malicious act a person or group could invent and expect to see it during this crisis.  

As if staying vigilant and as prepared as possible isn’t enough, we now have to deal with malignant a**holes preying on our worries.

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